NEW: Early and late summer pitches

Extend your summer with a seasonal pitch at Topcamp.

A grandfather, a grandmother and a boy are sitting outside a mobile home and enjoying themselves. Two sitting scooters are in the foreground, water and grass in the background. Photo

Now we offer seasonal pitches for early summer and late summer at several of our destinations. This means you can extend the delightful season while not having to book a seasonal pitch for the entire summer. A simple and affordable offer for those who enjoy camping holidays.

Early summer starts on May 1st. This is for those who prefer an early summer, where you can enjoy the nice weather in May and June.

Late summer is from the beginning of August to September 30th. Perfect for those who want to hold on to summer and spend sunny days with friends and family.

Both can be easily booked here on the website. See which of our destinations who offer this, and book directly from the relevant page.