5 Experiences from Hafjell

© Ian Brodie / Lillehammer.com

From Hafjell, you can experience stunning nature, family parks, and Lillehammer.

1. Surrounded by family parks

The area around Hafjell and Lillehammer is full of fun family parks.

The adventurous Hunderfossen Family Park offers speed, adrenaline, and relaxation for both adults and children. The Adventure Park is one of Norway's most popular family parks, offering over 60 attractions and sights.

The Children's Farm belongs to Hunderfossen and is a petting farm for all animal lovers. Here you can meet over 200 animals.

Lilleputthammer, the miniature version of Lillehammer town, is specially designed for children up to 9 years old. It is described as "the small town with the big heart." There are train rides, boats, roller coasters, obstacle courses, and much more for children to explore.

© Esben Haakenstad

2. Bike Park and Ski Resort

Experience Hafjell on two wheels. Hafjell Bike Park takes you and your bike up to stunning mountain landscapes with lifts. They are leading in the country for lift-based cycling. There are 19 trails with varying degrees of difficulty. There are also several fantastic opportunities for cycling on Øyerfjellet. You can rent different types of bikes from the park.

Hafjell Ski Resort provides an alpine success in a snow-rich landscape.

© Esben Haakenstad

3. Norwegian Road Museum

At the Norwegian Road Museum, you can see how roads originated, who built them, and how they have been used throughout history. The Norwegian Mountain Blasting Museum and the Norwegian Vehicle Historical Museum have also been established at the Norwegian Road Museum.

It is a child-friendly museum with many fun activities.

4. Lillehammer

Lillehammer has one of the finest pedestrian and shopping streets in Norway, with its old wooden buildings as the city's main artery. The city is known for its unique and atmospheric city center. You will find a varied selection of modern and exciting shops, good cafes and restaurants, and a rich cultural life with galleries, museums, and many exciting events.

The city is a popular destination for both Norwegian and foreign tourists, especially after the 1994 Winter Olympics, but also because of the famous TV series "Lilyhammer".

5. Beautiful hiking areas

In the stunning nature around Hafjell, you will find mountains and hiking trails, great ski trails, fishing lakes, and beautiful turquoise Gudbrandsdalslågen. There are many opportunities to spend time in nature. The mountain landscape in Rondane National Park and the lush surroundings around Mjøsa are also not far away.

Høgberget gives you an impressive view of the valley and the river. You can walk there directly from Topcamp Rustberg. There are also several great ski trails in the area in winter.

Hiking map at UT.no.

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