7 Experiences in Nesna

Group on a RIB trip on the way to a sea eagle safari. Photo

© Visit Helgeland / Kristoffer Møllevik

Nesna offers some of the best experiences at the Helgeland coast. Let yourself be enchanted by mighty natural adventures.

1. Nesna from the sea

The Helgeland coast is possibly even more fantastic from the sea. A kayaking trip is an incredible experience year-round. Venture out into nature, listen to the silence and the sound of the waves while paddling from one white beach to the next, with the mountains in the background.

Kayaks can be rented from Helgeland Kajakk. 

2. Island hopping

We strongly recommend island hopping among the Nesna islands. The ferry easily takes you between the islands, or you can join a RIB tour. Island hopping to the beautiful islands is a fantastic experience.

You can also explore a wider horizon of Helgeland. Hop on the ferries to visit islands such as Lovund, Træna, Rødøy, Myken, and Støtt.

3. Summit hikes

The mountains of Helgeland are not only majestic to look at, but they also provide powerful hiking experiences. The Kjølen hike is easily accessible and a fantastic trip. The mountain ridge can resemble an upside-down boat keel, and it is speculated whether this is the origin of the name.

Rødvika on Tomma is also a great trip with a fantastic beach. You can get to Tomma by ferry.

From Hannkamsletta, you get a beautiful view of Nesna and the surrounding area.

Hiking map at UT.no.

4. Snorkeling

Did you know that there are several places in the area where you can snorkel? There are plenty of exciting things to see in the water off Nesna.

Rent a wetsuit and go on an exciting exploration of the water with snorkeling gear.

© Visit Helgeland / Kristoffer Møllevik

5. Sea eagle safari

Join a RIB tour to the sea eagle's realm. With the wind in your hair and the scent of the sea in your nose, head out towards the archipelago to meet the majestic bird up close.

The tour departs from the Topcamp Havblikk pier and goes via Hugla and Handnesøya to Tomma with Visit Nesna.

When the eagle comes rushing over your head, you will be speechless. It is also possible to see porpoise, otter, kittiwake, and puffin, and the boat passes by beautiful, snow-white beaches.

6. Beer tasting

Raus Brewery is located right by the ferry port in Nesna. The brewery started in the spring of 2019 and makes beer from the Helgeland coast.

They offer beer tasting and tours, a fun activity for those who love beer or good drinks in general.

7. The Zhal Trading House

Zhal's old business building is now the Nesna Museum, located right by the center. It was here that the Zahl family ran their business and lived through most of the 20th century. The oldest part of the building dates back to 1907.

The museum also includes the old school building, Klokkergården, from 1823.

The Nesna Museum has temporary exhibitions, various events, and celebrations throughout the year.

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