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Create great vacation memories in beautiful surroundings and charming communities.

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© Visit Helgeland / Kristoffer Møllevik

White Beaches

Helgeland is known for its stunning white beaches. In the fall, it might be a bit too cool for most people to swim, but experiencing the beaches through hikes or from the water is equally fantastic.

Explore the area's beaches by kayak, boat, or on foot.

Where friendships are made

Children can easily make new friends on our playground. Let them play and romp around on the climbing frame and obstacle course, and give each other a boost on the swings. Our jumping cushion is also very popular.

Let the children be creative with play for hours.

On the camping site

  • Strand
  • Hiking areas
  • Playground
  • Jumping pillow

Don't miss this

In the heart of the Helgeland coast, there are plenty of fantastic experiences and activities.

Eagle safaris, breweries, kayaking, and beautiful hiking trails are just some of what awaits you.
Let yourself be enchanted by Nesna and Helgeland's majestic landscapes, whether it's from the sea, mountain tops, or in the charming local communities.

Enjoy the hikes

Nesna offers hiking experiences you won't want to miss. You can go on foot, on skis, on snowshoes, or by bike. Regardless, you are guaranteed impressive surroundings.

If you take the boat out to the islands in the area, you get even more tours to choose from.

Hiking map at UT.no