A winter stay by Hafjell

Slalom racing in winter paradise at Hafjell

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Relish the winter at Topcamp Rustberg in Øyer, with Hafjell and Lillehammer right nearby. The snowy landscape opens up a world of possibilities for those seeking a real winter adventure. Enjoy several miles of cross-country ski trails, one of Norway's best alpine centers, dog sledding, well-known museums, enchanting evenings in the Hunderfossen winter park, and much more.

Hafjell Alpine Center

There is only a 9 minute drive from Topcamp Rustberg to Hafjell Alpine Center, which is one of Norway's best ski destinations. With its 33 slopes for all levels, 17 ski lifts, and a Gondola, it's a dream come true for ski enthusiasts. 

There are also dedicated family areas where the mascot Isa comes to cheer on children learning to ski. Competitions are organized, and during the après-ski, Isa takes the children dancing.

Cross-Country Skiing

On Øyerfjellet, or Øyer Mountain, there are over 300 kilometers of cross-country ski trails. Choose from various difficulty levels and enjoy the journey while breathing in the crisp winter air.

The Gondola summit at Hafjell is a perfect starting point for ski tours, but you can also easily reach the trails by car up the mountain.

Trail map of Øyer Mountain.

© Kenneth Nordahl-Pedersen / Visit Lillehammer

Ice skating

Put on your skates and glide around on the ice! This is a fun activity for the whole family. Feel free to pack some goodies in your bag, and you can have a great day skating and playing together. Vingnesvika Skating Rink is twenty minutes away from Topcamp Rustberg, and is free and open to everyone.

Ice fishing

Dress warmly, settle in, and try your luck with ice fishing; A relaxing and scenic winter activity. On Øyer Mountain, you can fish in more than 40 lakes. For example, try Hornsjøen, where you can catch perch and trout. Remember to stay updated on fishing permits. Feel free to ask our staff for more information about fishing permits.

See and buy fishing permits on iNatur.

Dog sledding

You won't find a more exhilarating experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful mountain landscape as you fly by, standing behind a team of eager huskies. Sjusjøen Husky Tours and Venabu Mountain Hotel offer dog sledding, which will be a memory for a lifetime.

© Bard Gundersen

Museum experiences for the whole family

Have an educational and fun day with the family on a museum visit. At the Norwegian Road Museum, you can see how roads originated, who built them, and how they have been used throughout history. The Norwegian Rock Blasting Museum and the Norwegian Vehicle History Museum have also been established within the Norwegian Road Museum.

The Norwegian Olympic Museum is a modern and interactive museum that takes you on a playful journey through time from ancient times to the modern Olympic Games. Relive the feeling of the greatest Olympic moments through interactive installations and multimedia displays.

Both of these are family-friendly museums with many enjoyable activities.

Hunderfossen Winter Park

This winter paradise for families offers fun activities and a magical winter landscape. In Hunderfossen Winter Park, you'll find Scandinavia's southernmost snow hotel and an ice cathedral, as well as exciting experiences such as sleigh rides, witch parties, sledding, snow rafting, mini snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, fireworks, and much more.

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Go sledding down the slopes and compete with each other! Tobogganing is a truly enjoyable experience where laughter comes easily, and the smiles are big. Sit on the sled and dash off at high speed. Lillehammer Snow Park offers tobogganing.


Visit the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Toboggan Run and feel the wind on your face as you gather speed and race down the track. This activity guarantees you a fun challenge. With a bobsled, you can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, so you will undoubtedly feel a real rush in your body.

The age limit for bobsledding is 10 years with a guardian and 12 years without a guardian.

© Esben Haakenstad

The Olympic City

Lillehammer boasts one of the most beautiful pedestrian and shopping streets in Norway, with its old wooden houses forming the city's main artery. The city is renowned for its unique and atmospheric city center, which becomes even more enchanting with snow-covered streets and golden Christmas lights. You'll find a diverse range of modern and exciting shops, excellent cafes and restaurants, and a rich cultural scene with galleries, museums, and numerous exciting events.

Indoor activities

If the weather turns rough, there are many indoor alternatives. For example, you can visit Lekeland Hafjell, an indoor playland covering around 900 square meters. Perfect for families with children, as they can play safely on climbing structures, obstacle courses, slides, and more.

For those who enjoy an active challenge, Tyrili Climbing Center is a large and exciting facility. It offers climbing walls for all levels, for both children and adults, with walls reaching up to 14.5 meters.

Jorekstad is a water park with multiple pools both indoors and outdoors. It features a large water slide, climbing wall, steam sauna, dry sauna, diving board, children's pool, and a snack bar.

Nearby accommodation

Topcamp Rustberg

Close to amusement parks and ski trails, and just a 9-minutes drive from Hafjell Alpine Center lies our popular family camping site. Stay in our cozy cabins and enjoy the magnificent surrounding nature.

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