Winter in Helgeland

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Let yourself be enchanted by the majestic landscapes of Helgeland. The region has plenty of fantastic winter experiences to offer!

Northern lights

Experience the fantastic natural phenomenon from Helgeland. Feel free to go on a northern lights hunt on your own, or you can join a guided tour with Hi North in Mosjøen. If you want to witness the northern lights independently, we recommend keeping an eye on the northern lights forecast, going to a location with minimal light pollution, and searching for the dancing lights.

Winter kayaking

How about experiencing the majestic winter landscape from the sea? A kayaking trip is just as incredible in winter as during summer. Dress warmly, rent a drysuit, and embark on a journey in harmony with nature. Listen to the silence and the sound of the waves as you paddle from one snow-covered beach to the next, with the mountains as your backdrop.

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Snowshoe hiking

Snowshoeing allows you to experience the landscape in a truly unique way. You don't need any experience to venture out on a snowshoeing trip; just take your time and enjoy the surroundings along the way. If you're lucky, you might spot reindeer, moose, hares, or foxes. Hi North offers guided snowshoeing tours, including snowshoes, poles, and a warm drink along the way.

Ski touring

Experiencing some of the mountain peaks in Helgeland with skis on your feet is nothing short of incredible. There are great opportunities for beautiful ski tours throughout Helgeland. Locals might argue that a ski tour on Tomskjevelen is one of the most spectacular ski trips in Helgeland. There are several fantastic ski touring experiences along the coast, such as in Nesna, Sjonfjellet, and on many of the surrounding islands. Alternatively, you can head to Mo i Rana or Mosjøen for even more options.

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Dog sledding

Feel the wind blow as you race through the white mountain landscape. Dog sledding with huskies is both an adventurous and beautiful experience. Hi North organizes tours in Mosjøen. Dress warmly and get ready for a wild experience!

Snowmobile safari

This is for adrenaline lovers! Drive through snow-covered forests and over frozen lakes. Learn about the local environment, wildlife, and the region's history along the way. Hi North offers full-days and half-day tours, suitable for both beginners and experienced drivers. Snowmobile tours are a great way to explore winter in Helgeland and create new memories.

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Alpine center

Helgeland Alpine Center is the largest ski center in Helgeland, located in Kjemsåsen just outside Mosjøen. It features three lifts and six kilometers of trail network in varied terrain. The alpine center has a children's slope, a family slope, and a café, making it a fun day for the entire family!

Cross-country skiing

If there's one thing Helgeland isn't lacking, it's cross-country ski trails! You can, of course, grab your mountain skis and create your own trails, or you can keep an eye on the groomed trails in Vefs municipality. Take the family on a skiing trip, and make sure to bring the Norwegian chocolate Kvikk-Lunsj, and some hot cocoa. Or you can elevate your heart rate with a proper training session!

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Christmas in Sjøgata

Few things evoke Christmas spirit like the pre-Christmas period in Sjøgata in Mosjøen! Visit the Christmas market, shop for local gifts, enjoy the festively decorated street, and join the world's longest rice porridge table! In 2022, the table was 270 meters long, serving porridge to everyone who wanted to taste.

In the area

From both Topcamp Mosjøen and Topcamp Havblikk, you have all of Helgeland at your feet. Mo i Rana, for example, is just a short drive away. There, you can experience activities such as cave exploration, ice climbing, and glacier trekking. Alternatively, you can visit Sandnessjøen and see the mountain range known as The Seven Sisters. A trip to Rabothytta with its stunning view of the Okstindan Glacier is also highly recommended!

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Accommodation nearby

Topcamp Mosjøen

We are located just outside the city center. With us, you can stay comfortably in our cabins and apartments or at the campsite. It's a short distance to the many activities in Mosjøen.

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Accommodation nearby

Topcamp Havblikk

We are situated by the waterfront, close to the center of Nesna, just an hour's drive from Mosjøen. We offer cabins, apartments, and camp pitches for everyone. If you want to spend as much time as possible in Nesna, we also offer seasonal pitches. With a seasonal pitch, you can build your own holiday paradise in the heart of Helgeland.

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