Rules of Order

To ensure that everyone thrives with us, we have some rules that all our guests must adhere to.

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1. Arrival

Please announce your arrival at the reception. Name and place of residence address must be provided. Identification must be presented on request.

2. Key cards

Key cards are issued at check-in. The card is personal and can not be transferred to others. Key cards apply to one car per rented space or accommodation unit. Opening the barrier for other than your own car is not permitted. Lost card must be reimbursed with NOK 50.

3. Pitch

You are assigned a specific numbered pitch for your stay. Switching to another pitch is not permitted without clear permission from our staff. You are obliged to move to other pitch upon request from the staff.

4. Driving

Please restrict driving inside the camping to as little as possible. There are children at this camp site at all times, so please be alert and considerate when driving. The speed limit inside the campsite area is 10 km/h. The speed limit also applies in the area between the road and the entrance barrier. Please note that driving is completely prohibited inside the camping area between 24:00 and 06:00.

5. Parking

Camping guests must park inside their designated pitch and all cabins have a designated place to park. Outside visitors must use the parking lot outside of the site.

6. Safety

As a guest, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with the rules regarding fire protection, use of gas, electrical connections and other safety regulations. Please follow notices, information on our website and instructions from our staff.

7. Consideration and night peace

Calm and order should be maintained around the clock. Total night silence will prevail from 24:00-07:00.

8. Games and playing

Some types of games and play can be disruptive and or dangerous in between tents, caravans and cabins. Noisy or fast-paced physical playing and games must therefore be carried out elsewhere. For ball games please use designated areas only.

9. Order and tidiness

The entire area is to be kept tidy at all times. This also applies outside all guests’ camping units inside their rented space.

10. Wastes

Waste must be sorted and put in designated bin in our waste station. Temporary storing of waste outside your camping unit or cabin is prohibited.

11. Wastewater and emptying station

Greywater should only be emptied in designated place. For pitches with a connection for drains, a dense hose must be used. Latrines can also only be emptied in the designated place.

12. Common facilities

Shared kitchens, laundrette and sanitary facilities are thoroughly cleaned by our staff daily, in high season several times a day. Thank you for always leaving the facilities in a state i which you yourself would want to meet them in.

13. Grilling

Grilling should be done on a fireproof surface. The grill should never be placed directly on the ground; ensure that it is 10 to 15 cm above the ground. Disposal of charcoal should be done in special containers at waste stations.

14. Charging of electric cars

Should only be done at designated areas.

15. Departure

Upon departure, please return the key/keycard to the reception. Have a safe trip home and welcome back!

Guests who do not comply with the rules of conduct may be asked to leave and must immediately vacate the campsite without any claim for compensation. Topcamp reserves the right to modify the rules of conduct at any time.