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You can experience the perfect Southern Norwegian vacation from us.

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Swim in the pool

In our pool area, both adults and children can swim, splash and play in the sun. There is plenty of space to relax and sunbathe in the surrounding area. The pool is outdoors and heated, and we have a separate children's pool.

Opening hours: 

28th June – 10th August:
9 am - 9pm

Playground and cabin village

Our playground has trampolines with nets where older children can play together. The cabin village is perfect for our youngest guests, with cozy small houses for play.

The playground and cabin village are an excellent place for children to make new friends and let their creativity flourish.

Jumping joy zone

We have a large trampoline in four parts, which is located right behind the pool area. There's a net around the whole thing, so no children will fall onto the ground. Here, the children can jump, do tricks, and play together!

The trampoline is open from May 1st.

At the campsite

  • Playground
  • Swimming pool
Photo: Raet National Park | Jarle Kvam

The Southern Norway town of Grimstad

In Grimstad, you can experience incredibly beautiful archipelago nature. You should visit the national park Raet, which consists of 607 square kilometers of coastal nature and sea, with various marine natural types.

Grimstad is perfect for kayaking, windsurfing, boat trips, diving, snorkeling, swimming, and fishing.

Explore Grimstad
Foto: Raet nasjonalpark | Jarle Kvam

Great fishing opportunities

In Grimstad, there are several fishing opportunities, both in the sea and in freshwater. A great activity to relax in nature and experience a sense of accomplishment when you get a catch.

Try your luck with cod, pollock, saithe, sea trout, and mackerel through sea fishing, or cast your line in one of the freshwater lakes to catch trout, pike, or perch. Remember to stay updated on information regarding recreational fishing and fishing permits.