Topcamp Onsakervika Activities

Fine beach, idyllic green areas and activities for the whole family. Everything is set up for you to enjoy your summer with us!

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The beach

The Sand beach is spacious. We have a sand volleyball court and a pier on the water.

The water is shallow, making it suitable for small children. There's plenty of space to run around, and if you get restless, just join the crowd for a round of sand volleyball.

Activity program

An activity-filled summer

Join in on activities for the whole family - six days a week, at least three times a day.

From July 3rd to August 8th, we have activity coordinators with us who arrange treasure hunts, workshops, quizzes, and plenty of other fun things for the whole family.

Summer program

Spend time on the water

Rent a boat and enjoy the sunny hours on the water. Tyrifjorden is mostly calm, so everyone can have a great experience.

We have paddle boats, canoes, and SUP boards that can be rented from the store.

Large playground

The playground has everything children need to have fun for hours.

There are climbing frames, obstacle courses, swings, trampolines, hammocks, tree houses, slides and more.

This is the place to see new friendships form!

You can easily keep an eye on the children from our Beach Club.

On the camping site

  • Boat rental
  • Volleyball court
  • Playground
  • Beach
  • Miniature golf

Experience Ringerike

It's a short distance to many great experiences. For example, you can visit Hadeland Glassworks, Kistefos Museum, or Ringeriksbadet.

There are also several galleries, cultural offers, and restaurants nearby.

In Ringerike, there's something for everyone.

Explore Ringerike

Ringeriksregionen har mange flotte turmuligheter, uansett om du ønsker deg en tur i skogen eller opp i høyden. En tur til eventyrskogen Krokskogen er absolut å anbefale.

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