Hallingdal Feriepark with flagpoles and park-like green area in front

About Topcamp

Topcamp operates six of the country's best campsites, so far, in the supposedly most ambitious camping chain in Norway. Topcamp focuses on happy and active experiences, quality, long-term perspective and sustainability. Camping, including cabins and apartments of good quality, combined with experience offers, is a short-distance and relatively sustainable form of holiday and leisure, which also offers greater opportunities for good shared experiences and family closeness than many other alternatives. We at Topcamp think it is wise that people fly less in their free time and that quality camping will only become more and more popular for a long time to come.

Topcamp has a vision and solid owners

On the owner side, there are several heavy players in tourism, but also financial investors that many would not associate with campsites. The business is based on a vision to develop camping to a new and contemporary level, which not only makes the product better for existing camping guests, but will also attract guests who would never before consider choosing camping. It is an ambition that is too great to run one holiday park - the idea is that such value can be transferred to a number of refined parks and squares.

Gutt i zip-line høyt over Hallingdalselva med den beste campingplass Topcamp Hallingdal i bakgrunnenFeriepark

It all started in Hallingdal

Thorstein Berg grew up at Bergsjø Høyfjellshotel in the mountains above Ål I Hallingdal. He took over a debt-laden hotel in 19XX, turned the operation around and sold the hotel in 1989. Since then, he has helped build up several large companies, including Benova, Synnøve Finden and Christiania Kaffebryggeri. In 2008, he bought Ål Folkepark, west of Ål center. He had registered that an increase in camping was a trend internationally, which had not yet reached Norway. He began to do research, allied with professionals in both camping and other tourism both in Norway and internationally - and found that, like many other areas, modern camping guests place higher demands on both standard and experience opportunities than their predecessors. After several years of research, re-regulation, concept development, construction and building work, the 5-star Hallingdal Holiday Park could finally open in June 2013. In addition to a climbing park, playground and a unique playground, the park had first-class facilities, architect-designed functional cabins and a building-award-winning central building. Hallingdal Feriepark was quickly described as both Norway's and one of the Nordic region's best - and was immediately included in Leading Camping - as the only Nordic representative in an international collaboration among campsites on the top shelf.

Ny bred innkjøring med fire-fem filer til Topcamp Bogstad Camping

It continued in Oslo

Bogstad and Ekeberg Camping were run by NAF Camping since 1958 and 1967 respectively. Bogstad Camping is Norway's largest campsite, but had gained a reputation as a bit tired and a reputation influenced by some guest types who were not fully compatible with ordinary holidaymakers. Topcamp bought the businesses from NAF in 2016 and immediately began planning for the development of Bogstad Camping into something completely new. After a broad dialogue with the municipality, administration and local politicians in addition to local stakeholders such as teams / associations / welfare, schools / kindergartens and businesses, a visionary plan was prepared. This was translated into a brief that went to a number of architectural firms that submitted competing proposals. One of these was chosen and the process started. Bogstad camping is located within Markagrensen, which means that bureaucratic processes take extra long, so the construction process is done in stages and is still ongoing, but the contours of a completely new and modern facility are beginning to appear. Guests who have previously visited Bogstad are now met by partly new facades and a completely new driveway with more waiting lanes, which creates less queues and waiting time. In addition to the fact that the sanitary facility has been completely renovated and certainly appears to be the country's largest and most beautiful. The process continues towards Bogstad camping becoming a campsite that will be noticed far beyond Oslo and Norway's borders.

Dronebilde av Sjøsanden Camping retning sydøst.

Accelerating growth

Mjøsa Holiday Park by Brumunddal, joined the chain in 2017. After dialogue with several parties, which culminated in a workshop with local politicians, municipal representatives and specially invited local resource persons from industry, tourism and associations, re-regulation was implemented. Conversion to a fully-fledged holiday park has not yet started, but is expected to start in 2021. In the meantime, guests have an equally pleasant time by the shores of Lake Mjøsa. In 2019, Onsakervika Camping by Tyrifjorden in Hole municipality came into being and on 1 January 2020, Topcamp Sjøsanden Feriepark took over after Mandal municipality had arranged a search process that involved a combination of willingness to invest financially and ideas and visions for the development of the campsite at the country's perhaps very. most beautiful sandy beach.

Topcamp Mosjøen i solnedgang

3 nye Topcamp i 2021

Primo 2021 kom Topcamp Mosjøen med, et naturlig overnattingssted for alle som reiser nordover eller sydover på E6, rett syd for Mosjøen sentrum. Fra og med oktober ønskes også Topcamp Havblikk - Helgeland og Topcamp Rustberg - Hafjell velkommen i Topcamp-kjeden. Og det stopper neppe der for Norges raskende camping-kjede, Topcamp er stadig åpen for utvidelser med nye, flotte campingplasser, spesielt der vi ser at vårt konsept kan bidra til utvikling og verdiøkning. En rekke av campingplassenes tidligere eiere er nå medeiere i Topcamp, fordi de ser at verdien av livsverket har kraftig vekstpotensial i en større, mer strømlinjeformet sammenheng. 

Topcamp Havblikk på Nesna, Helgelandskysten i solnedgang
Glad familie ved minhus-pizzeria

The future is camping!

Where Topcamp will appear next time is too early to say. What we can say, however, is that topcamp will come in several places that are possible to develop into arenas for quality camping and happy experiences. Welcome!

Finn ut mer om Topcamp?

Media/presse er velkommen til å kontakte dagli gleder Olle Aulin olle@topcamp.no eller styreleder og primus motor Thorstein Berg på thorstein@topcamp.no